Yan (krzhang) wrote in dreamermaxi,

Short Thoughts - Underappreciated Oldies, Ultima, etc.

Now that college is finally over I can come back to this blog. Niceness.

With whatever time I had thinking about games, I've usually been thinking of older games that were special in some sense yet underrepresented. The spirit of Home of the Underdogs in review form, I suppose. Which means all my creative energies in that direction have been at The Abandonware Blog, where I reviewed so far X-COM: Terror from the Deep, ZZT, Castle of the Winds, Covert Action, and Hammer of the Gods, each time talking about design briefly as well.

But, more content will come here. This is just a booster post to remind myself that I have more thoughts to put down. I'm currently playing through SSI's Fantasy General, and I will have a lot to say about it when I finish.

On a final note, a really pretty and ambitious project that captures nostalgic gaming and talks about design to some extent: Blogging Ultima. The author blogs through (with screenshots) every Ultima game. I should take cue and start using screenshots somewhere.

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